Bikini Skirts

Bikini Skirts

Bikini skirts are a great way to add feminine flair to your swimsuit wardrobe. It is a versatile style that is perfect for any body type. Variations in cut include lengths from cheek-baring to longer skirts that provide full coverage. So whether you want to show off your cheeks or cover your upper thighs, bikini skirts can be a great choice.

Short and sassy bikini skirts have a little bit of attitude to them. Hip hugging skirts with a low rise waist will draw attention to those areas, and shorter versions with a cheeky backside round out the look nicely. Sexy bikini skirts such as these look best with smaller cut tops such as triangle and butterfly tops which have thinner straps. Try to stay away from a bandeau top with this style skirt as the double horizontal lines can create a choppy look. Other tops that work well with bikini skirts are sweetheart and halter tops.

If you love to show off your midriff in a bikini but still like a little more coverage from your bikini bottom, longer skirts offer a nice alternative to boy shorts or classic full coverage bottoms. The flowing fabric of a full bikini skirt creates flattering lines as you move. Be sure to watch the length, though; a skirt that is too long can make your legs look shorter while a full skirt that is too short can add volume to your backside which may or may not be a desirable outcome depending on your body type. The ideal length for a nice, full skirt is just below your cheeks.

Bikini skirts offer a nice option to those who want a slightly different look than typically seen on the beach. They are an easy to set your style apart from all the others with an eye on flattering lines and feminine flair.

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